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Our coaches

Anyone can coach, however the best coaches have specific characteristics and qualities that make them successful at maximizing game performance and players abilities, they are: knowledge of the sport, patience, leadership and communication skills.

Patience is a “virtue” of our coaches. Patience and self-control are essential in teaching players new skills during practices and coaching and dealing with stressful situations during games and life.

Our Coaches have in-depth knowledge of football and attend clinics and courses regularly to be able to provide advanced and up-to-date training to their players.

Our Coaches are great leaders and believe in leading by example, they obey rules, attend practices, have positive attitude and show respect for the team and the soccer community in general.

Our Coaches are able to adapt their communication skills to match the individual personalities of the player, and in doing so are able to maintain a positive atmosphere during practices and games.

DJunior Nkenglack

Academy Director and Head Coach

I was rejected by the Provincial Academy Recruiter for my city in Cameroon because of a malformation on my foot that caused a slight limp, but my mother believed in me and insisted I was given a chance, and I scored 3 goals and I was accepted and proceeded to play professionally in Italy and that’s why I believe everyone has a chance to make it with hard work and dedication.

The expression on the face of my U9 player “Amrit” while playing in net for the first (and only time) and he thought the ball was going out and very professionally looking he just followed the ball, as if it was going out, but it actually went in the net, he looked at me, and with disbelief in his face said “Coach, the ball went in”.

Wall Passing Combination

Mourinho and my mother

All teams coached by José Mourinho

Sky Blue

Watching soccer

That my name is DJ and I am a DJ


Academy Director

Being part of the coaching staff that won the U15 Ontario Cup.

My favourite memory is of a very special player that hand made a beautiful multi coloured beaded bracelet for me, for mother’s day, I proudly wore it for a while, but it’s now saved with my most precious jewelry

Cool off period. We all make a big circle and the players take turns choosing a stretch, we relax and have fun, we go home happy and satisfied of the great workout and what we accomplished

Immigrants in general, but especially my parents, we struggled but they never gave up.

Unique (which is a complimentary way of saying complicated)

Bend It Like Beckham

Sky Blue

Being around soccer, I have always loved soccer and even though I grew up in Italy, girls did not play soccer, but I wanted to, so I had to prove myself with the boys so that they would allow me to play, but was just street soccer, there were no girls soccer teams. Now I love being involved in the sport, and I love giving anyone that wants to play the opportunity to learn and grow, and I’m looking forward to having more girls join the academy and give them the opportunity to play a sport that they love as much as I do.

I can’t wink



The opportunity to pass the knowledge of the game I played and love and seeing players from all backgrounds playing, smiling and having fun together

Shooting drills (hope to create my own one day)

Thierry Henry, Arsène Wenger

Meeting John Barnes in 1994 in Jamaica

I’m charismatic and love having fun



OCAA gold medalist, OCAA silver medalist, CCAA silver medalist, OSL 2x Champion
Best soccer moment was scoring a free kick on my mom’s first ever game she watched me play (I was 26yrs old). She had never watched a single game while I was growing up as she was always working and was a single mother

Favorite BRI FC moment was being told by the wife she overheard one of the kids saying I was one of the best coaches he had ever had…just opens your eyes to the influence or impact you have on these kids without actually noticing

Possession drills

Zinedine Zidane

The Professional

Being able to see kids grow in confidence and skill as they get better at their craft….there’s no better feeling

I love listening to Rock music…lol





Scoring a goal from outside the box, over the goalie, at the Ontario Cup, on my dad’s birthday

Anoop’s first goal.  The expression on his face and the excitement… the youngest player in the academy playing a few years up.


Mourinho and my mother

Very active throughout the week, I play soccer 3 times in the week day and 4 times on the week-end and sometimes I will do 2 long runs on top of that