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The training provided by BRI FC will help the player achieve life goals in football and in their everyday life.

The spirit of our vision comes from the game, if you have ever played football you know the excitement and happiness that kicking the ball brings to you. It is through these positive feelings that we plan to give the players a better understanding of the game. We provide the players with the appropriate instructions and exercises that are designed by professionals and that will help the individual player find their own love of the game, to develop and play the game as they feel it, and to reach their best potential.

The objective of BRI FC is to give the players the opportunity to learn football by applying many successful training methods used in European academies.

Canada has many youth soccer academies, however, their objective is, to teach kids, from a very young age, to WIN games. BRI FC’s vision is to teach its players the real fundamentals of football, regardless of the score. What is really important, in developing a successful youth football player, is proper technical techniques, knowledge of the basic tactical theories and a love for the game.

Research shows that effort, practice and learning are more important than talent. Our training will help the player grow to reach their full potential and help them excel in the sport so that they can play at the highest level possible, while not forgetting to enjoy learning and playing. We believe that potential great players are out there and with the right input and mentoring they will be able to perform at the same level as European or South-American Teams.

Becoming a soccer player is the same as trying to be any athlete. Being successful in soccer requires training your body and mind, and it requires more than 50% effort and more than 50% discipline. The power is within the player and their own mind, success can be achieved by training more and more every day.