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Help BRI FC grow

The purpose of this program is to help BRI FC grow and to bring in new players into the academy.  We believe that the best method of getting new players is by word of mouth and referrals from families and relatives of existing players that have experienced what BRI FC has to offer.

How it works- Below is an outline of how the program will work:

  • Existing players in the academy can receive BRI FC merchandise for referring NEW players.
  • The referring member will receive BRI FC merchandize like t-shirt, sweater, rain coat, winter coat for each player successfully referred to the academy.
  • A successful referral is when the referred player, completes full payment of the registration fees.
  • Once they have met the above guideline the referral is successfully complete and the referring member will receive their reward(s).

How do I refer a player?

Once you have spoken to the player you want to refer to BRI FC, and you think they will be registering, let them know that they should put your name as the referring person when they register on-line.
There will be a spot during the online registration process where they will be asked if they were referred to our academy by someone and they will be able to enter the name of the referent.
You should also email [email protected] to let us know you have referred someone and what their name is.

Referral types

NOTE: if the NEW player contacts us without mentioning your name as a referral the first time they initiate contact with BRI FC, you will not be able to claim the referral at a later date, unless you have already informed Coach DJ or Lori of the referral in person, via e-mail or text.