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Player Profile : Daniele Micieli

It takes more than just Skills to touch the Heart and a Brain of a Coach, from the first time I met you to the day you left my sight to go challenge yourself in Europe and pursue your Dream, you have brought me all the sensations that a coach will always remember.

Like if it was yesterday, I still see you scoring the Hattrick in the Ontario Cup Final that gave me the privilege of bringing home that prestigious trophy.

I see you scoring a Beautiful Vanbasten goal in Europe against a 2nd Division U14 Team.

I also see you losing your temper and getting a red card to remind me that you are still just a learning champion to mature.

I think you are a very respectful kid.

I think you are thoughtful.

I think you are a bit distracted.

I think and believe you will make it.

I think you need to grow more in your Mental.

I think you will be a good professional.

I think you will fight to make it.

I think that you will score more goals.

Please gents, allow me to introduce to you my star, and by the grace of God, star to become Daniele Micieli, pure BRIFC product and currently playing and studying in Europe.

Check below some of the stuff that he can do.

Coach D Junior Nkenglack