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Player Profile : Shantanu O

Meet Maestro, one word to describe him is “Gifted”.

His talent is far above is age and the things that he does with the ball are just unique. He has an elegant and simple way of handling the ball and the ease he moves through 1v1s makes him a feared opponent.

I am extremely honored to have been given the privilege to coach a player like him because I know for sure that the probabilities of encountering such skills are probably 1 in a million.  I am one of those people that I have to see to believe, and over the years Maestro has shown me, time and time again, that with continued determination you can develop into a World Champion.

It is so clear that you are way before your time because your age group bores you and you thrive in the challenge and are brilliant and very comfortable with the higher competition.

I believe the way is still far, but I pray the same God that brought us together to give you the motivation to continue to play and grow so that one day the world will see your talent.

But, as easy as it comes to you today, know that only hard work and determination will nourish and elevate your natural Talent.  Tomorrow will bring challenges that will require you to be focused on your goal, continue learning and educating yourself more in soccer as every decision you make today will have a consequence tomorrow.

  • I think you are a very respectful
  • I think you are thoughtful
  • I think you can be a bit distracted, but what child isn’t
  • I think we need to make sure you stay focused
  • I think you need to trust us and let us parents encourage you
  • I think you will be a Phenomenal player in the near Future
  • I think you need to eat so you can keep on playing above your age
  • I think that you will impact your generation should you stay on the right Pathway

Please gents and fellow coaches, allow me to introduce to you my star, and by the grace of God a World Star to become Shantanu O, or as I love to call him “MAESTRO”, pure BRI FC product.

Check our BRIFC YOUTUBE Channel for videos of Shantanu.

Coach D Junior Nkenglack